The following list contains and explains the components which make up the DEFINED INTEGRATION Model.

Enterprise Architecture

DEFINED INTEGRATION learns from Enterprise Architecture (EA) how to integrate structure into the organisation. This requires that we understand

  1. the strategy behind the changes,
  2. the composition of those changes and how to address them (as architecture), and
  3. the delivery of those changes.

This interaction of strategy as motivation, architecture as composition and delivery as realisation stands at the heart of the Model. Architecture, as it is understood here, acts as glue and connects strategy to integration (of business and IT change). Every enterprise has an architecture, it is not optional, but only determined by how good it is done and to what degree the architecting follows a structured approach (Roger Evernden). Enterprise Architecture as a discipline is not just holistic, but it applies a unique combination of specialist techniques.

Transition over Transformation

There has been a long on-going dispute amongst peers as to why DEFINED INTEGRATION prefers Transition over Transformation. Being an inherently people-centric model, once why wonder why the apparently more human Transformation, as in: "I transform myself", is not the preference. Is not Transition the more technology-centric movement of the two?

Here follows the attempt of an answer why "undergoing a transition" is equally important from a human perspective. Most embodiments of Digital Transformation set the focus on the word "digital" and hence technology, a technology that usually comes in first and then has to be adopted by a human users. For this simple reason, the fact that the impact on people is more a passive one, we require a response to Transition, a response that helps people transition into the new world that is being digitally transformed.

Integration vs. Implementation: ...later in 2017...

Leadership: ...coming soon...

Project Portfolio Management (PPM): ...coming soon...

Structured Organisation: ...coming shortly...