What is Digital Transformation?

Whilst this may be one of the most frequently asked questions today, it is also one that appears not that easy to answer. A brief search online reveals that we appear not to have made too much progress since early descriptions in 2011. However, we believe to have a good starting point and do provide the following succinct but encompassing [...] Read more

CHANGE OMNIBUS is taking first shape as a concept

The CHANGE OMNIBUS is conceived to be a comprehensive concept that entails all levels of Organisational Change (Management), spanning from enterprise to portfolio and programme, to project and collaborative delivery, and down to the most individual level (where it also touches operations). Initial thoughts and fields of application can be found on [...] Read more

Added components page

In order to support the DI Model a new page has been introduced. Components does exactly what it says on the tin; as a 'work in constant progress' page, it will be explaining the components of DEFINED INTEGRATION and the reasoning behind each selection. At the same time I have reinstated the Chatter page as a companion to the DEFINED INTEGRATION [...] Read more

Initial definition of DEFINED INTEGRATION

DEFINED INTEGRATION (DI or DefInt, for short) broadly refers to integrating balanced change in a clearly defined fashion and into any form of structured organisation. The notion of integration applied herein includes at least a technical component (i.e. integration as it is understood in Information Technology), a social component (i.e. [...] Read more

Update to general websites

I have finally come to create the overarching website. It explains the bigger picture on how DEFINED INTEGRATION and loginb consulting fit together, and why I do what I do. At the same time, and with new shiny responsive websites galore, it was time to give the loginb site a mobile overhaul. The website, last revamped in 2007 [...] Read more

First version of model published

The first version of the DEFINED INTEGRATION Model is published. Whilst this is an initial step and basis for further development, the model’s integration function will become more visible once it is tied in with the philosophy in future iterations.

First iteration of manifesto published

The first iteration of the DEFINED INTEGRATION manifesto is published. Whilst this is only a minimal viable step for further development, it is neither ‘complete’ nor self-explanatory.


Whilst it is fairly easy to determine the birthday and time for the domain registration (2016-06-26T19:05:00.00Z), the concept behind DEFINED INTEGRATION is much older and has been brewing over the course of more than ten years. In helping organisations integrate their strategic direction, we have come to believe that a more holistic approach is [...] Read more